Find a new taste and alcohol experience with WINEBEER, the hoppy wine perfect for sharing with friends
Add some more bubbles into your life, with the new launch of WINEBEER!

Quench your taste buds on this beautifully refreshing beverage, new to the market.

WINEBEER has been expertly crafted in Chille, as a new way to enjoy the sophistication of a good sparkling wine and the refreshing taste of a beer in one glass.

It is the amalgamation of two of the most desired beverages in the drinks market, providing a nice contradiction to meet the needs of today’s target market and their ever-growing desire for the ‘new’.

Perfect for any occasion: after work drinks, parties, nights out and with dinner, this bottle not only tastes great but is also 100% natural and only contains 127 calories. With only three ingredients: grapes, yeast and hops, WINEBEER is free from added sugar and water and is gluten free.

WINEBEER is unique and is the first of its kind; at 9% alcohol it perfectly positions itself just above the range of beers and ciders on the market.